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Manatec - Wheel Balancer DL 65 DSP C - Authorized Dealer - Force Auto Solutions - Coimbatore- Suitable for Car and LCV wheels. Wheel seating cones for LCV are supplied as Optional. Two modes of measurement – Normal & Fine. Seven modes of Alloy wheel functions. Graphical user interface for live balancing. Unit conversion in “grams” / “ounces”. Rim parameter entry through wheel rotation. Over voltage & over load protection circuit. Universal AC input socket. Self calibration. Automatic distance input Self checking on-line error display. Adjustable unbalance threshold (weight cut off). Mid-centering device with Quick change lock nut to ensure fast mounting & removal of wheels. Mechanical brake for weight addition and wheel mounting. Automatic start with wheel guard closure. High resolution (DVI input) & LED Monitor / LED digital display. Additional features for Premium models Split weight mode (spokes program). Optimization program. Automatic Rim diameter and Rim width input. Contact: Force Auto Solutions Mr. Senthilkumar (MD) Ph. 9865197879 Visit us at . For more info visit us at
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